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The main purpose of this web site is to provide information of a technical nature on the subjects listed below.  Mr Grigory has entered into an inactive classification with his Texas Professional Engineers license.  The nature of his work has not required the use of an engineering seal for many years and he no longer practices.  He has now become a professional photographer at the suggestion of friends based on his lifetime interest and love of the subject. However, he uses his engineering knowledge to enlighten the public clear the air of political rhetoric on energy use in the United States.  He has also studied the water problems of the Texas Hill Country for years and provides useful information on the lack of a sustainable water supply - again clearing the air of political rhetoric.

Backpacking and Canoeing  are past loves - he now takes cruises and driving vacations with his wife. 

We will keep the name of the website as we can still provide consulting services on the subjects discussed should there be a need.

Our Mission

bulletDemonstrate Beyond Doubt that renewable energy cannot ease our dependence on oil use - foreign or domestic - no matter how good or plentiful it gets without a quantum jump in electrical storage technology.
bulletDemonstrate that Canyon Lake has a sustainable water supply of 50,000 acre feet per year just as the Corp of Engineers calculated when the dam was built.  The 90,000 acre feet per year that the Guadalupe Blanco River Association managed to get accepted by the state in place of the 50,000 number accepted for so long, is a big mistake.
bulletProvide some useful information on trails and features in the Weminuche Wilderness in southern Colorado - a truly beautiful place that needs national park status.  

Contact Information

Telephone     830-885-5720   Now Answered as "Cecil Ballard Photography"
Cell Phone    210-275-2339
Postal address
Stephen C Grigory
981 Brookside Dr.
         Spring Branch,  Texas   78070
Electronic mail
Contact for Water and Energy issues::

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